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*Free* Coach Training Intro Class: Stop Procrastination  

How to Get More Energy to Finally Get Things Done

Monday, November 14th, 10 AM Pacific

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There's lots of misinformation about procrastination and how to clear it up.
If that info worked, you'd be reaching all your goals.

  • One of the biggest transformations my clients have is when they start following through on what they say and dream about doing.
  • This class will give you a foundation to start identifying the problem behind the symptom of procrastination.
  • I'll share about my new program, Farmers Coaching Farmers, where we kick procrastination in the butt once and for all.
  • Replays available.

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Get More Energy to Finally Get Things Done

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About the Instructor...

Charlotte Smith is THE Marketing & Mindset Coach for Farmers.


Named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women in Food and Agriculture in the World, Charlotte now teaches farmers how to build profitable farms using mindset & the latest marketing strategies.


"I wish I had started coaching with Charlotte at the beginning of the farm season, instead of waiting until I was in complete overwhelm. I feel so much more calm and capable of handling the unexpected now. This is the very best investment I’ve ever made in myself or my farm and I would encourage everyone to do it."


Start Following Through On Your Dreams

Procrastination workshop - finally stop putting off the things you know you want to do

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